Saturday, 14 April 2012

Week 1 and half

Soooooo this week hasn't gone well at all in terms of dieting :( First problem (boys may want to stop reading) was I started my period, and this basically means I am in crippling pain and can't do much except sleep, this leads onto the second problem.  After spending the past year suffering with abdominal pains which feels like severe stomach cramps ALL THE TIME as well as my stomach swelling up and going rock solid I finally got a diagnosis.  I have been told it is a bladder infection, food intolerance to just bad period pains, and after seeing what looked like a big bubble on the ultrasound I was told I have an cyst on my right ovary.  This is why when I am on my period the pain gets so intense I often vomit and faint, and then through the rest of the month suffer with a pregnant looking tummy that lasts a few hours then disappears until the next trigger.   I have even measured the difference in my abdomen during one of my fake pregnancies, before it is 34 inches.... during it goes to 39, thats 5 whole inches of swelling OUCH!!!  I was tempted to ask for a picture when I went for my ultrasound, I felt really left out sat with the pregnant women wondering the sex of their unborn child, I looked like I was about to give birth to a tennis ball.

My cyst (which I now call Bubbs) combined with that time of the month has meant dieting has been the last thing on my mind,  I have eaten pizza, steak, wings, chicken with bacon and cheese, cake etc... not all at once but since my weigh in so am dreading looking at the scales on Monday!!

I am determined to get back to my diet today, I clearly can't exercise because that aggravates Bubbs but hopefully by next week I can make an appearance at the gym.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend whilst I feel sorry for myself and lock the fridge up to avoid all those Easter eggs calling out to me. x

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