Friday, 4 May 2012

Excuses excuses

Right first of all I am going to get the excuses out of the way, I've been poorly, I spent a few days away with Uni, I've been busy, I've been celebrating with my best friend, blah blah blah.  All these excuses are true but combined they have meant I have been a massive failure when it comes down to my diet.  

I have avoided the scales until today, luckily I've not put any weight on but I've definitely not lost any!! The only positive is that I have still been going to the gym a couple of times a week, meaning I can see my muscles however small returning.

The thing I'm not unhappy with at the moment is my boobs, they're HUGE!!!!!!! Most girls would moan, and most lads would (and do) say it's like slapping God in the face dieting to reduce them.  But until you struggle fitting 34H cups into a dress, running on the treadmill, or not being able to lye on your front you won't understand.  Photographic proof of how they impose on my life is my photos from my night out last week, I had an adorable top and high waisted skirt, and rather than notice the teeny tiny telephones and polka dot pattern the first thing you see is BOOBS!!  But after all my moaning I'm the only person who can shrink them, so diet is back on and I am sticking to the gym..... I promise ;)

Sorry about the chinnage on this pic, I was fairly tipsy and holding my head up was an effort.

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