Monday, 2 April 2012

And it begins

After reading so many diet blogs and finding them inspiring I have plucked up the courage to do my own, showing pictures and measurements I normally try to hide!  My weight has never fluctuated so much that I could ever be classed as being obese, I have only once slipped into the overweight category and that was by a couple of pounds.  I have however gone up and down within the size 10/12 size.

My decision to start a diet and write a blog about doing so has come about after realising how unhappy I am with my body at the moment.  I am aware I am still a size 12 and within a healthy BMI but I feel unhealthy and a bit frumpy.  I am happy having an hourglass figure with big bum, hips and boobs but at the moment these are all getting a bit too big, with my chest measuring in at a whopping 34h I am struggling to find clothes to fit and am feeling the impact on my back carrying these giant lumps attached to me.  I'm quite lucky that my measurements all are within the healthy guidelines but I sometimes think it is harder to lose weight when you don't have as much to lose. I'm hoping for 1 stone to 1 and a half but I will judge it as I lose it, the last thing I want is to lose my curves and get any smaller than a 10.

This time last year however was a completely different story, I was going to the gym 4/5 times a week, was toned and starting to form some muscles (don't think Jodie Marsh just a little bicep as apposed to a bingo) and I felt great.  But then working from home, starting a new degree course and then not being able to go to the gym so much due to health issues finally took its tole and my body is how it is now.  

People that claim they don't know how they are so big annoy me, I know EXACTLY why i am the size I am.  I used to have quite a small appetite, then going to the gym so much made me eat more and when I stopped doing the exercise but maintained the same eating habits I grew bigger and bigger, no mystery involved.  The only positive about my current lifestyle is that I do generally eat quite healthy, I love salads and veg and would happily chose this over pizza or burgers when eating out, my issue is that I only eat one main meal a day and then snack throughout the rest.  Crisps are definitely my biggest killer, I love them and could and do snack on them all the time.  Another downfall is that I eat out and drink several times a week, on average I can spend anywhere between £100-£150 a week on food and drinks out (least I will save money) so this will need to be addressed in my diet.

To show you my weight gains/losses here are a few pics of me from the past few years

This was me at my biggest, probably close to a size 14 at 20 years old.  I hated being this size and probably only stayed this big for a few months.

This picture was taken about a year or so later, think I was 21/22 years old and I loved being this size.  I was a small size 10 and still kept all my curves

A year later and had managed to stay the same size, I can't imagine being able to wear a strapless bra now with 34H cups to hold up!! 

This was this time last year, I was a size 12 and despite the fact I have a bit of a roll from sitting down I was toned and felt really healthy.  I loved going to the gym and had a healthy appetite.This is the size I want to get back to.

And this is me now.....Please ignore the fact I look a bit tipsy and sweaty but I rarely allow pictures of me now, so the only ones I have are when that pesky photographer in a club take an awful picture and then plasters it over Facebook the next day ..... UNTAG!!!!


Now I've showed the pictures, done my backstory it's time for the diet to begin.  I have chosen to try Jenny Craig, this is due to me not having the time to cook during the day, my food and all the info arrives tomorrow so can write in a bit more detail then.  But for today I am doing my measurements, and my weight ( I am too ashamed to include so will mention it as Starting weight then + or - lbs lost or gained) but due to me having too much jewellery to catch up on after a weekend break I will probably only manage a quick run on the treadmill at my Dads ready for the gym tomorrow.  If you have a diet blog please comment as I would love to have a read and share tips and stories.

Measurements on April 2nd 2012

Under Bust 29"
Bust 38.5"
Waist 29"
Hips 37.5"
Legs 24.5" (thunder thighs or what!!!!!)
Arms 12"

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