Friday, 23 August 2013

Week one done

I've done both of my fasting days for this week, and am so glad to be able to eat normally over the weekend.  I've definitely noticed a difference in my appetite, I'm getting full after smaller portions which is always a blessing.

Now I'm on track with the food side I need to look at the exercise aspect. I was hoping that a Pole Dance class would ignite some kind of passion for it and it would see me become obsessed with practicing, WRONG! I did find it to be an amazing workout, with my body still aching days later but I just wasn't feeling the instructor and the way the class was taught. If anyone from the Manchester area knows of any other instructors please let me know.

For now however I am looking for ways to ease me back into the gym, and this watch seems perfect.  Not only is it a pink gadget which always catches my eye, but it monitors the calories burnt which I feel would spur me on to push myself harder.

Has anyone else got this watch, or do they recommend any other brands/styles?

Michelle x 

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  1. I'm just starting the 5:2 diet as well, with a passion for baking, it's going to be a hard 9 months until my target! I've got to lose 4 1/2 stone by end of May. Hope reading your blog will inspire me to push on!!