Wednesday, 4 July 2012

First week so far

So my mission to eat less and exercise this week is going to plan so far, well kind of.  I have completely cut down my usual takeout food habit, now when I say take out I don't mean big greasy chippys but I do have a tendency to eat from places such as Wagamama, Rice, Barburrito etc probably 5 or more times.  This week I have made home cooked dinners and am filling up my lunches with as much veg as possible to prevent me from snacking.

This would be my usual daily food diary

Fun Sized Banana and Cereal Bar, i'm not a morning person and the thought of anything more at that time turns my stomach.

Mug shot, with a packet of microwavable steam veggies mixed in.

Roasted veg & chicken.

The exercising with the Zaggoras is proving successful so far, I'm off to the gym on Friday to try them out during a proper workout.  I am expecting lots and lots of sweating.  The competition to win a pair is still going if you want to enter

Has anyone tried chocolate tea as a way of curbing sweet cravings?? What does it taste like?

Will keep you updated xx


  1. adding some veg into one of those mugshots is such a great idea, can't believe I've never thought of it, great blog :)

    would love it if you checked out the new blog I've just started!

  2. That soup looks delish!